The links below reflect the interests and social networks of Design Cultures rather than a comprehensive guide to design on the web!

Student and alumni group MA Design Cultures in Linkedin:

MAs in the Art & Culture Division, VU University Amsterdam:


Ivo Blom (assistant professor Comparative Arts and Media Studies, VU University Amsterdam)

Designgeschiedenis Nederland (Dutch design history foundation)

Bert Hogenkamp (Endowed professor Image and Sound, VU University Amsterdam)

Guy Julier, Design Culture (University of Brighton Principal Research Fellow in Contemporary Design at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London)

Sven L├╝tticken (assistant professor Art History, VU University Amsterdam)

Architecture History (VU University Amsterdam)

Comparative Arts and Media Studies (VU University Amsterdam)

Visual Arts, Media and Architecture (VU University Amsterdam)

Kitsch (student association, VU University Amsterdam)

Kunstlicht (journal, VU University Amsterdam)


Designgeschiedenis Nederland (The Dutch Design History Foundation)

BNO, Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers (The Association of Dutch Designers)